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Learn to schedule projects in Microsoft Project from an expert in the industry. You will learn how to schedule projects in the real world, where deadlines and date constraints are a reality. And you will become part of a community of schedulers and project managers that are all moving toward the same goal, to become better at managing projects!

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What Makes Our Training Different?

This training is not focused on teaching you Microsoft Project like other programs. This training is focused on teaching you how to build and manage a project schedule using Microsoft Project. Sounds like the same thing, right? Well I am sad to say that it isn't.

Most Microsoft Project courses teach you how to use Microsoft Project. You learn what the file setting options are. You learn how to create a task or milestone. You learn how to set a date constraint. You learn how to baseline a schedule. These are great skills, but you don't learn how to actually build a project schedule that covers the total scope of work. You don't learn how to organize the schedule and how to make it easy to navigate through so that you can use the schedule in meetings or to generate reports. You don't learn how to actually build a schedule. You only learn how to use Microsoft Project.

That's where this training program starts to stand apart from others. In our training, you will learn how to build a project schedule using Microsoft Project. You have to understand project management and project scheduling principles. After all, project scheduling is an area of project management. So you will learn how scheduling supports the project management process. And you will learn how to organize your schedule so that it does cover the total scope of work by using a Work Breakdown Structure. You will learn the file settings that I use on a daily basis. You will learn standard naming conventions for your tasks and milestones. You will learn how to build task relationships using a concept I call 'perspective'. You will learn how to apply date constraints and deadlines effectively. You will learn how to make your project schedule easy to navigate so that you are able to show the right information on your screen at the right time without scrolling through hundreds or even thousands of tasks. You will learn how to build and maintain an effective project schedule using Microsoft Project. And you will be learning these skills from an expert that is still working as the Lead Scheduler for a multi-billion dollar IT program. So you can be confident that you are learning from someone who knows the struggles that you face on real-world projects.

Current Course List

Scheduling with Microsoft Project: The Fundamentals
Learn everything you need to know to build and baseline a project schedule
Jason Grabowski
Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Project with Views
Make your project schedule easier to navigate by using views, tables, groups, and filters
Jason Grabowski
Statusing the Schedule
Learn how to status your project schedule by recording actual progress
Jason Grabowski
Handling Weather Delays and Other Non-Working Days
Learn how to account for weather delays and other unplanned non-working days
Jason Grabowski
Changing Working Times in Microsoft Project
Learn how to adjust the working times of your project schedule to match your organization
Jason Grabowski
Webinars and Q&A Sessions
Here you can access our webinars and Q&A sessions to get your questions answered
Jason Grabowski

Upcoming Training Modules

  • Fundamentals Training:Unleash the Power of Views, Tables, Filters, and Groups
  • Fundamentals Training: The Critical Path & The
    Driving Path
  • Intermediate Training: Introduction to Statusing
    the Schedule
  • Intermediate Training: A More Powerful Statusing
    Custom Field
  • Intermediate Training: Using Milestones to Track and
    Report Progress

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Jason is available for one-on-one coaching sessions, virtual scheduling support, or onsite training for you or your organization.

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Your Instructor

Jason Grabowski
Jason Grabowski

Jason is a skilled Master Scheduler and Schedule Analyst with years of experience developing project schedules and conducting schedule health assessments for major federal government programs and large commercial programs. He is currently the Lead Scheduler for the $6.5 billion dollar AT&T FirstNet Program. Prior to this project, Jason was a Schedule Analyst working for Missile Defense Agency where he supported the multi-billion dollar missile defense programs. He has also consulted dozens of construction and health care companies on project scheduling.

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